How to upgrade materials to URP in Unity 2021.2 and above

Jordan Cassady
1 min readJan 5, 2022


Can’t quite figure out how to convert standard render pipeline materials to URP in recent versions of the Unity editor?

You may have noticed the following menu path from prior versions has been depreciated:

Edit > Rendering > Materials > Convert All Built-In Materials to URP

Not to worry! This functionality has been moved to another menu dropdown.

In Unity 2021.2 and above, navigate to:

Window > Rendering > Render Pipeline Converter

Once the Render Pipeline Converter window is open, open the conversion dropdown and select the right set of converters for your project.

For most 3D projects, materials can be upgraded to URP by following these steps:

  • Select Built-in to URP
  • Check the Material Upgrade checkbox
  • Click the Initialize Converters button
  • Click the Convert Assets button

And with that, your material shaders should be displaying correctly in the Scene view of the Unity editor.

Good luck with your project!