Steam Playtest + Unity Analytics = A Fun Game?

Game Dev Unlocked jam submissions as seen on

Playtesting With Steam

My time in software development has taught me that feedback received early and often usually produces a better final product. For Disaster Drive, I knew that getting a prototype build into the hands of playtesters as early as possible was a must.

Playtest access can be set to “open” or “limited”.

Playtesting For Fun

Losing control and crashing means Game Over!

Looking At The Data

While playing my own development builds, an early trend emerged where I scored higher when taking extra risk in-game. In the charts below, my final score and playtime was higher when I reached the Game Over screen after crashing into an object, compared to when time ran out on the clock because I was being overly cautious.

GAME OVER: vehicle collision vs timer expiration for score and time elapsed (Unity Analytics dashboard).

Join The Playtest!

Would you like to help me make a better game? Would you like to join the Steam playtest? If so, I would like to hear from you!



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